Club Meeting 08/31/11

We had our first club meeting! I was shocked to see how many people came, we had 24 people come and join us for our Club Discussion and even stayed for the Lesson. Our goal is to properly instruct our members about Japanese language and culture, and I think those who participate will gain some … Continue reading

Kanji Of The Week!

DEN electricity __________________________________ __________________________________ ____________________________________________ Vocabulary: 電【いなずま】(flash of) lightning 外電【がいでん】foreign telegram 終電【しゅうでん】last train 停電【ていでん】power outage; blackout 電圧【でんあつ】voltage _____________________________________ More words containing 電 / beginning with 電 / ending with 電 / 電_ / _電 JLPT 4  •  Radical: 雨 (rain)  •  Elements: 雨田乙 ______________________________ Click on vocab words or radicals, for full definitions.

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