Club Meeting 08/31/11

We had our first club meeting!

I was shocked to see how many people came, we had 24 people come and join us for our Club Discussion and even stayed for the Lesson.

Our goal is to properly instruct our members about Japanese language and culture, and I think those who participate will gain some valuable knowledge and experience.


We are pleased to announce some fundraising ideas our club has brainstormed at the last meeting.

Fundraising Event Ideas:

Japanese Benefit Concert

Japanese Festival

Anime Convention


Language labs

Thank you all for your amazing ideas I cant wait to implement them into our club!



I thank everyone who stayed for the first Japanese Lesson! I will post what we went over last meeting for your reference.

All members were given a Hiragana and a Katakana chart. Below is the chart for reference.

Hiragana chart reference

Katakana chart reference

We learned our first Kanji as well.

Watashi; Shi

Watashi;Shi - I; Private

Watashi, Seven Strokes

Seven Strokes

This Kanji means I, Me, or Private. It can be Pronounced WATASHI or SHI, Depending on it’s use. This is a good character to know since it is used quite often. As a note you can pronounce watashi as watakushi which is used in a formal situation. That pronunciation is very uncommon, so treat it as more of a fun fact.


Though the character Ha is used it is pronounced Wa.

Particle Ha

The particle は is a very useful and common particle. Used to mark the topic of a sentence. For example; watashi ha sensei desu (I am a teacher.)

How come は* is used and not わ?(* See above reference chart for pronunciation. )

It means the Japanese use は for a particle that happens to be pronounced as “wa” when used as a particle. (but ha when used in an actual word). It’s は instead of わ because that’s just the way it is.  If we had to guess however, It is more than likely changed to avoid confusion in conversation. For example; watashi-tachi ha hanshimashita, (we talked.) A crude example but, you can see how if left は it would not flow with the following verb.





We hope to see you all at next weeks meeting!
❤ / Japanese Club 






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